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Windyty shot of the weather in Puget Sound.


I’m a weather geek. Rather than reality TV, I look up the weather and imagine what is going on in some of my favorite areas like the Strait of Georgia, Cape Caution or Dixon Entrance. I love to look at NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center – Pacific Region for the Current, 24-hour, 48-hour, and 96-hour forecast charts. I like to take a look at how the weather systems of the Pacific will impact my weather in the Pacific Northwest. To read more check out my article on Inside Passage Weather Part 3: Developing the Long Term Outlook.

Photo: Windyty shot of Puget Sound.

A Few Favorite Weather Sites

Here are two sites that take this same information and put it into motion. has a lot of information of interest including wind and with a click, you can switch to a visualization of offshore waves. In wind mode, zoom in and you can see a visualization of the winds in the Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound. If you want, you can compare what you see in the visualization to the report for the Halibut Bank weather buoy off Bowen Island.

Windyty shot of the weather in the Pacific Ocean.

You may have also seen this visualization (above) from

With interesting and ever-changing weather visualizations like these, who needs reality TV shows?

—Mark Bunzel
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