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The Radar Book

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Waggoner Store Mid-April Sale

The Radar Book and the NEW 32-Page Color Addendum by Kevin Monahan

Since the publication of the 2nd Edition of The Radar Book, the world of marine electronics has changed almost beyond recognition. Technology which we could only dream about a few years ago has become commonplace, and there is no reason to believe that these changes will stop or even slow down in the near future.

And while the capabilities go up, the cost, weight and power consumption go down. Through Digital and Color display, we have leaped forward in radar effectiveness for collision avoidance and navigation.

  • Costs have dropped, and we are at an inflection point where new radar and color multi-function displays are worth taking a look at.
  • The new radar units have a much finer detail and are much easier to interpret. The detail allows you to see the opening to a breakwater or specific buoys.
  • The new MFDs allow all of the information to be integrated with the radar display including AIS and MARPA for multiple means of identification of the objects on the screen.

Today’s solid state radars consume far less power than a few short years ago, they are as finely tuned as lasers, and they seamlessly integrate with GPS, AIS (Automatic Identification Systems), electronic charts, electronic compasses, autopilots, MARPA (Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid), and tide, current, and weather software. As a result, it is no longer possible to discuss radar, without also considering the integration of all these other systems with radar and how they can be used for safe cruising.

The NEW 32-Page Color Addendum

The NEW 32-Page Color Addendum to The Radar Book clearly explains this rapidly changing technology and the advantages and disadvantages of modern integrated radar and navigation systems.

It tells you how to interpret the digital image to see other boats or land masses. Radar can be one of the most useful tools for safe navigation. This book tells you how to get the most out of your legacy radar system or a new, integrated digital system.

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