Just thought I would drop a note letting you know how we appreciated the use of our 2010 guide. We had 4 aboard our Bayliner 3688 and soon everyone was well versed in finding locations and becoming aware of concerns. It helped us out when we had to duck for cover at Powell River after being blown out of Grief Point on our return trip South. Wasn’t the greatest place but “any port in a storm.” Did I happen to see someone from Waggoner walking on the dock at Refuge Cove?

I want to take this chance to give some mighty kudos to Don and Vickey Mayrand at Silva Bay Shipyard. We had to limp into Silva Bay on our return crossing with only one screw. The crossing wasn’t very nice and luckily our problem occurred about 2 miles from Silva Bay. We found your information about them and gave them a call. Don was extremely helpful and gave prompt service. First by getting a diver to our boat within 2 hours and second getting a mechanic to us by 8:15 the next morning. We found two sheared bolts on the tranny coupler and Fred repaired it, took a test drive and we motored back to Anacortes via Port Of Sydney Harbor with no problems. They were quick, efficient, friendly, caring and very reasonable with their pricing.

Corky McCrea
“Take Five”

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