Rainbow over Cabbage Island.

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve – Mosaic of Land, Water and History

The summer sun is beating down on a deliriously lovely tongue of white sand, warming our bare feet. We walk the mile-long half-moon shaped beach; the turquoise waters roll ashore at a relaxing rhythm. It’s easy to imagine we are visiting an atoll somewhere in the South Pacific, but no. We are one mile north…

Belts for a Boat

Belts and Suspenders – Don’t Neglect Your Engine’s Life Support System

The belts that provide life support to your engine’s accessories, the alternator, auxiliary alternator, raw water pump, and circulator pump will typically provide reliable, trouble-free service, provided they are properly maintained and replaced on a regular schedule. Many boaters neglect this all too important system.  A broken belt is always bad news because when it…


Rosario Resort & Spa – New Docks, New Marina Configuration and Much More

Cruising northwest in Orcas Island’s East Sound, the white Moran Mansion of Rosario Resort & Spa comes into view off in the distance and grows larger as you approach. The grand century-old mansion turned hotel resort was built as the private residence of Seattle shipbuilder and two-time Seattle mayor Robert Moran. Located approximately 80-miles north…


Cruising the Virgin Islands, Part 4: Exploring the Islands of the BVI including Anegada

During Part 3, we started our trip by flying down to the British Virgin Islands from Seattle, preparing, provisioning and taking off from the MarineMax base at Hodges Creek on the island of Tortola. We checked out our beautiful MarineMax 443 powercat with all the bells and whistles and plenty of lounging and entertainment space.…

Cruisers College

Marine Electrical Troubleshooting, Design & Installation

Cruisers College May Seminars 2017 Marine Electrical Troubleshooting, Design & Installation with Lars Antonsen Saturday, May 13, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. $95 Register here. Cruisers College will take you through the ins and outs of a boat’s electrical systems. There is plenty of information every boat owner should know about these critical systems, whether…


Jones Island Marine State Park – Fascinating Island with an Ecological Diversity

With the immense wealth of memorable and enjoyable cruising destinations within The San Juan Islands, it can be difficult to narrow down to which island to visit. But our decision was made easy when Arlene, suggested someplace peaceful and scenic, with hiking and plenty of wildlife. It still didn’t narrow our choices too much, and…