Eagle Cliff Viewpoint

Cypress Island – Hike One of the San Juan Island’s Last Undeveloped Islands

The aroma of brewing coffee filled the cabin as we enjoyed the morning sunlight on board our boat Easy Goin’ moored on a buoy in Eagle Harbor on the east side of Cypress Island. Although there are few anchorages on this island, it’s one of the last undeveloped spots to visit in the San Juans and…


Holidays San Juan Island Style

In the San Juan Islands, holiday celebrations are a blend of small town sensibility harkening back to a simpler time with the creative energy of communities rich with tradition and talent. It’s an ideal time to leave the malls and crowds behind and jump on the boat and experience the holidays San Juan Island style. From…


Matia Island – A Pristine Island with an Intriguing Past

As one of the San Juan Islands’ “Boundary Islands,” Matia Island (pronounced Ma-TEE-ah) is visited by thousands of recreational boaters each year. The island is incredibly beautiful and has a sense of adventure. It seems to floats on the waters of the Strait of Georgia, east of the boundary between the United States and Canada…