How the Elworthy Island Plaque was Installed

Ted Thorstenson, who designed and built the 45-foot Pacific Dawn, sent this note about how Elworthy Island in Waddington Channel got its name, and how the plaque marking it came to be. Bob, I was reading the Waggoner writeup about Elworthy Island and the plaque dedicating the island to Douglas Elworthy. I can elaborate on…


Racon Added to Gordon Channel Nav Aids

Nav aids at each end of Gordon Channel at the top of Vancouver Island now will be transmitting racon signals.

Pine Island at the western entrance will transmit Morse M (–)

Davy Rock at the eastern entrance will transmit Morse Q (–.-)

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First Trip to the Broughtons

The following e-mails speak for themselves. Hello, We are planning our first trip to the Broughtons. Can you tell us whether Lagoon Cove is open for business this summer (July 2010)? What about the docks at Minstrel Island? Is that facility still abandoned? Thank you, Ginnie Reply Hi, Ginnie, I think you’ll enjoy the Broughtons.…


Improvements at Port Harvey Marina

George and Gail Cambridge, at Port Harvey, sent these pictures of the new ramp between the docks and shore. The old ramp was serviceable, but this is much better. Port Harvey is becoming one of the popular stops in the Broughtons. We were windbound there for two days last summer, waiting for better conditions on…


Cell Phone Service at Pierre’s at Echo Bay

Pierre’s at Echo Bay Marina has cell phone service at the store and on the adjacent party area. They’ve brought it in with antennas and amplifiers, and the cone of availability is necessarily narrow. No charge. Bring your cell phone up and talk away. Wireless internet still covers the docks. This report is being sent…


Chart Correction for Whiterock Passage

The Waggoner incorrectly warns that the large scale Plans Chart 3537 for Whiterock Passage is drawn on the older NAD 27 horizontal datum.

The new edition of the chart, published April 30, 2004, is drawn on the current NAD 83 horizontal datum.

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Shoaling at Head of Toba Inlet

Local Notice to Mariners cautions that river sediment has extended the shoal areas at the head of Toba Inlet.

Don’t trust your chart.

Trust your depth sounder and your eyes.

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Sointula Now on VHF 66A

The Sointula moorage now monitors VHF 66A. Office hours are 8:30-4:30, sometimes later. The floating breakwater shown on the Waggoner map has been replaced by a rock riprap extension to the breakwater. Entry is easy. Up at the village, a new bakery named the Upper Crust is really, really yummy. We brought back sticky buns…


Submerged Cables & Inspections

Here’s a valuable piece of experience sent to us by Fred Triggs. Butchart Gardens–submerged cables 1. On a recent visit to Butchart Gardens cove we noted several vessels anchored between the boats on the buoys with stern ties out. It looked a bit close to us, but what do we know? We anchored in Tod…


Esquimalt Harbour Reporting Requirement

All vessels entering or departing Esquimalt Harbour are requested to contact QHM Operations on marine VHF channel 10 or by telephone at (250) 363-2160. This applies especially to pleasure craft.

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Go Slow in Pender Canal

The Pender Canal separates North and South Pender islands in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, and connects Bedwell Harbour and Port Browning. The channel is narrow, with a dogleg turn near the south end. The canal is crossed by a bridge with 27 feet of clearance at high water, which keeps most sailboats out. The following…