New Rock on Northern B.C. Coast

“Notices to Mariners” has this change:

On Chart 3747, Browning Entrance, at 53°45’45.0″N/130°25’30.0″W, change the depth of 3 fathoms 4 feet to Rock that covers and uncovers with a drying height of 3 feet.

This is in Totem Inlet on Dolphin Island.

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New Rock in Fish Egg Inlet

The following correspondence tells only part of the story. CHS’s first response was that reader Granston’s reported Joe’s Bay rock probably was the end of a reef already shown on the chart. As you can see, however, the matter didn’t end there. CHS looked further, and by golly our reader had found a rock the…


Cape Caution and West Sea Otter Buoy

Since 2003 the Waggoner has published a recommendation that West Sea Otter buoy reports be monitored before rounding Cape Caution. If seas at West Sea Otter are one meter or less, a raft of logs could be towed across. The Waggoner cautions that seas of 1.5 meters or more might warrant careful consideration before setting…


Stormbound & Other Anchoring Tales

Northbound at Shearwater this summer, we met Eric (Rick) and Sharl Heller, who live on the east coast but keep their beautiful Sabre 40 sailboat out here for summer vacations. Rick told me about a surprise storm they experienced at Ganges, in the southern Gulf Islands, and promised to send a report. The report begins,…


Cape Caution treacherous; then fabulous rainbow

We do NOT recommend rounding Cape Caution in these conditions, regardless of Pat Freeny’s modest-sounding report. The seas at Cape Caution had to be much higher than the picture suggests. The rainbow in Blunden Harbour is fabulous. Just another update on the West Sea Otter Buoy. We left Kwakume Inlet at 0740 and came around…


We Must Pay Attention, Always

Our friend Tom Liebert forwarded these photos of the Crowley tug Sea Voyager on the rocks near Bella Bella, B.C. Even the big guys make mistakes.

Bella Bella Grounding

The first job of the navigator is to know the vessel’s location at all times. One little slip and this is what can happen.

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Trail to Sagar Lake (Codville Lagoon) Improved

We just came over to Shearwater from Codville Lagoon. We were surprised, and very pleased, to note that the Parks Dept. is doing serious work on the Sagar Lake trail. As of July 24 all the bad muddy sections had been traversed by boardwalks. There is a stockpile of planks and timbers at the trailhead,…


Fishing spectacular in calm seas at Shearwater

Things have been rolling along great here at Shearwater. The new resort has been getting great reviews from our guests who are enjoying their new accommodations. The new resort has been getting great reviews from our guests! The weather on the other hand hasn’t been the greatest but as we all know it is the…


Book Recommendation for the Broughtons

The Waggoner urges readers who plan to cruise the Broughtons to buy and read Bill Proctor’s book, Full Moon, Flood Tide, to get a fuller appreciation of that fabulous cruising area. Here is a hands-on recommendation from some fellow cruisers. Bill Proctor’s (with Yvonne Maximchuk) book Full Moon, Flood Tide is an absolutely delightful way…


From Lagoon Cove to Glendale Cove & Beyond

  Hello Bob, We met you & Marilynn at the Lagoon Cove happy hour get-together on Monday, 6/23, and we promised to report our experiences as we continued up Knight Inlet. As you headed up Tribune Channel toward Kwatsi Bay the next day, we headed for Glendale Cove and reached it by mid-afternoon. We spent…


Eucott Bay, Quathiaski Cove, and a Thank you

Thank you so much for the Waggoner Guide! We have been happily cruising the Inside Passage for the past seven years in our 50′ Mikelson cutter Tenacious, and the Waggoner is by far our favorite resource for figuring out where to head next. We just received our 2009 book and are getting excited about next…