Stormbound & Other Anchoring Tales

Northbound at Shearwater this summer, we met Eric (Rick) and Sharl Heller, who live on the east coast but keep their beautiful Sabre 40 sailboat out here for summer vacations. Rick told me about a surprise storm they experienced at Ganges, in the southern Gulf Islands, and promised to send a report. The report begins,…


How the Elworthy Island Plaque was Installed

Ted Thorstenson, who designed and built the 45-foot Pacific Dawn, sent this note about how Elworthy Island in Waddington Channel got its name, and how the plaque marking it came to be. Bob, I was reading the Waggoner writeup about Elworthy Island and the plaque dedicating the island to Douglas Elworthy. I can elaborate on…


Chart Correction for Whiterock Passage

The Waggoner incorrectly warns that the large scale Plans Chart 3537 for Whiterock Passage is drawn on the older NAD 27 horizontal datum.

The new edition of the chart, published April 30, 2004, is drawn on the current NAD 83 horizontal datum.

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Shoaling at Head of Toba Inlet

Local Notice to Mariners cautions that river sediment has extended the shoal areas at the head of Toba Inlet.

Don’t trust your chart.

Trust your depth sounder and your eyes.

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Submerged Cables & Inspections

Here’s a valuable piece of experience sent to us by Fred Triggs. Butchart Gardens–submerged cables 1. On a recent visit to Butchart Gardens cove we noted several vessels anchored between the boats on the buoys with stern ties out. It looked a bit close to us, but what do we know? We anchored in Tod…


Esquimalt Harbour Reporting Requirement

All vessels entering or departing Esquimalt Harbour are requested to contact QHM Operations on marine VHF channel 10 or by telephone at (250) 363-2160. This applies especially to pleasure craft.

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Go Slow in Pender Canal

The Pender Canal separates North and South Pender islands in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, and connects Bedwell Harbour and Port Browning. The channel is narrow, with a dogleg turn near the south end. The canal is crossed by a bridge with 27 feet of clearance at high water, which keeps most sailboats out. The following…


April 2 Storm Wreaks Damage in Strait of Georgia

A deep low pressure area created 55-60-knot southeast winds in the Strait of Georgia, sinking one boat in the annual Southern Straits Race and forcing most of the others to withdraw. At Mill Bay in the Saanich Inlet the winds destroyed the docks at the Mill Bay Marina, driving several boats ashore and sinking others.…


Fulford Harbour Marina Closed

Due to winter storm damage, Fulford Harbour Marina is closed. The marina, located on Saltspring Island, will most likely be closed all year (initially posted 6/15/2010). We called the marina office at (250) 653-4467 to check on their situation and they have a voice message that says the marina is still closed as of 8/19/2011.