About Mark Bunzel, Editor and Publisher

Publisher | Editor | Writer | Photographer Mark is the Editor and Publisher of the Waggoner Cruising Guide. He is also the the Publisher at Fine Edge with responsibility for all publishing, business affairs, and marketing as well as the co-author of Cruising the Virgin Islands. Mark’s boating experience began at the age of 15…


Swinomish Channel Shoaling

Message Relay from Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW) and BoatUS: Greetings, This message is being forwarded to alert all boaters regarding shoaling in the Swinomish Channel. This information was provided in a Local Notice to Mariners but, since recreational boats are grounding on the shoals, we are putting this information out again for general…


Bedwell Harbour Customs Dock Repaired

We received a report that the customs dock at Bedwell Harbour has been repaired.

If you see something unusual or a significant change on the water, we would sincerely appreciate it if you would pass it on to us, so our readers have information that may affect their plans.

Mark Bunzel

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2011 Report #1 from Lagoon Cove Marina

Ever since my forties I’ve said I would work until I was 70. On April 4, a few days before I turned 71, papers were signed and the Waggoner became the property of Mark Bunzel. I’m not completely retired because a number of loose ends remain, but I’m not “working” any more. Mark Bunzel is…


Cruising the San Juan and Gulf Islands

The best months of the year are ahead of us for cruising in the San Juan and Gulf Islands. We are all ready for a warm summer on the water. The marinas and resorts are also ready for this season and there are many changes to report that just might adjust your cruising plans. In…


Our Philosophy and Mission

The first edition of the Waggoner Cruising Guide was published in the spring of 1994. The book wasn’t very thick, and it covered only Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and the Canadian Gulf Islands. It lacked many photos and had only a few maps. Serve the Reader Although its coverage was limited initially, this…


About the Guide

From south Puget Sound to Ketchikan, Alaska including the west coast of Vancouver Island, this popular annual guide—called the “bible for Northwest cruising”— provides detailed information about marinas, marine parks, fuel docks, U.S./Canada border crossings, customs, VHF radio requirements, and more. Some popular cruising areas covered: Puget Sound (includes Hood Canal) San Juan Islands Canadian…


Customs, Chart & Publications, Equipment, Clothing

Customs Customs must be cleared whenever the U.S.-Canada border is crossed, either direction. Generally the process is quick and straightforward, but if the skipper isn’t prepared with the proper information, it can be time-consuming. It is extremely important to follow all the rules, and be polite. While Customs officers are trained in courtesy and usually…


Overview of Destinations

South Puget Sound For beauty, cruising in South Puget Sound is similar to cruising the San Juan Islands, except the crowds aren’t there. Neither are the restaurants. South Sound has a number of excellent marine parks and several marinas, such as Jarrell’s Cove, Longbranch and Boston Harbor. Plan to enjoy the scenery, swing on the…