Restaurants & Food Services (B.C.)

Gulf Islands (South) Maple Bay Marina—Shipyard Family Restaurant & Pub A must-see stop on your Gulf Islands cruise. Why is Maple Bay Marina such a popular stop for boaters in the Gulf Islands? It’s our well-kept grounds, clean washrooms and showers, exceptional staff, and more …A cozy, secluded setting in a protected cove, surrounded by…


“Aquaculture” and word-spin

Dear Waggoner, The following is a copy of the email I sent to the Farmed and Dangerous organization (, very informative). In the grand scheme of things my little pet peeve is meaningless, I know. But please give it just a little bit of thought. Thanks, —Scott P.S. I love the Waggoner! A new one…


Question about Distances for Fuel Consumption

Hello, My husband and I, who live on Puget Sound and own a 27-foot power boat, are huge fans of the Waggoner Cruising Guide. We were first introduced to it when we took a 2-week cruise with friends on their 60-foot pilothouse trawler from Port Angeles to Ketchikan. Since we spend a week cruising the…


Kiosk at Bedwell Harbour

In the past when we have been on buoy, a park ranger or eqivalent has come around in the early evening to collect the $10 fee. That didn’t happen yesterday. Your guide says “pay at the kiosk on shore.” Where is that located? We couldn’t find it. Perhaps you could provide its location in the…


Above & Beyond at Ladysmith M. S. Marina

Just wanted to “complete the circle” on the issue we had at Ladysmith Maritime Society Marina last month. We had a VERY nice letter from Dave Ehrismann explaining the cause of the difficulties they were having the day we pulled in and apologizing. And the, clearly going above and beyond, offering us a free WEEK…


K. Fritz sends Update on Ganges Marina

I thought you might be interested in feedback regarding our recent visit to Ganges on Salt Spring Island, B.C. We docked at the Ganges Marina in June 2011. We thought they had plans to fix up the marina, which has been in rough shape for years now, but we didn’t see any signs of ongoing…


Denman Island has a New Dock

Denman Island now has a new dock available to boaters. It is located immediately south of the Denman west ferry landing on Baynes sound. It is a 100 ft long dock with walkway access to shore.

John Wigle

Thanks, John, for sending this update!

Best regards,

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Fantastic Cruise but Disappointments at Ganges

Love the book! My wife and I have each probably read it front to back a couple of hundred times and we still can’t put it down. Every time we are cruising and she asks me if I’d like to get a book to read I reply “Why do I need a book? I’d rather…


J. Mifflin reports on the Gulf Islands

Dear Bob & Mark, Been out all summer concentrating on the SanJuans and Gulf Islands, and offer the following for your consideration: 1) Ladysmith Maritime docks continue their almost constant improvement, planning on floating washrooms IN the Marina this winter… the Town installed the new sewer line and pumping station this summer… and shows the…


Desolation Trip Report by Thains on Windshear

Hi, I have put together some thoughts from our summer trip per the attached report. I enjoyed reading Bob’s reports on his blog. Nicely done. Joan and I have been infrequent contributors over the years. We hope that you carry on the wonderful Waggoner which has become one of our mainstays during our many decades…


WiFi at Rebecca Spit

Hi Mark, We are sitting at anchor at the north end of Rebecca Spit and sending this with just the laptop connection in the cabin. The access is via the Taku Resort marina across the bay. We were there last year and got the code then. Today it just came up and works fine. I’m…


Marinas & Marine Services (U.S.)

Puget Sound (South) Boston Harbor Marina Need fuel, supplies or moorage in South Sound? They’re here at Boston Harbor Marina. Gas, diesel, CNG, Groceries, fresh deli soups and sandwiches. Award-winning smoked salmon, Fresh seafood all year. Excellent wine and beer selection. Marine supplies. NW gifts and books. Nautical apparel and local artwork. Kayak and sailboat…