Teakerne, Tracey & fishy business at James Point

We dingied to Cassel Falls (Teakerne Arm) from our anchorage in the Copeland Islands on July 26, 2012. Wish I had read updates first! Dingy dock is still up on rocks, but sort of useable. Also visited Tracey Harbour to look for anchorage on July 17, and found that a logging operation has taken it…


Ladysmith M.S. inspires compliments

During July my wife and I stopped in for several days at the Ladysmith Maritime Society docks.

They have their new office/shower/laundry/head facility in and it is nothing less than great! The staff was always attentive & helpful.

The whole experience at this marina and in Ladysmith were wonderful.

John Worl

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Schafer’s Blog 12: I Don’t Wanna Go Home!

Thursday, June 7p.m. When the tide turned at about 2:00 we crossed the Rosario Strait with no real trouble. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the Haro Strait had been the day before which shows the effect of having the wind against the tide versus a slack current. Even though the winds were higher, the…


Schafer’s Blog 11: Weather, What Weather?

Thursday, June 7a.m. Thursday was forecast as another small craft advisory, but this time we needed to go anyway. We had to have Hele Mai back in Bellingham by noon on Friday, which meant we had to find an overnight anchorage within a couple of hours cruise of there – less if we didn’t want…


Schafer’s Blog 10: Hopefully Nobody Was Looking

Wednesday, June 6p.m. In the San Juans, the ebb tide generally flows north to south, so it had been helping us down Haro Strait all morning even if it caused some fairly sharp waves. Now we rode the flood tide north to our destination for the evening, Deer Harbor (“9” on the chart). Our path…


On the Inside Passage – Mark’s Cruise Report

After the short run from Port McNeill to the Alert Bay Boat Harbour docks in the fog, it was up to the U’Mista Cultural Centre museum to photograph the collection of potlatch regalia confiscated by the government in the 1921, when the potlatch was outlawed. I was thrilled to be given permission to photograph the…


Schafer’s Blog 9: Being Manly Men

Wednesday, June 6a.m. The next morning we decided that instead of another hike, we’d take the extra time to go the long way around to our next destination so that we could cruise the Haro Strait and look for whales. No one had seen any for about a week, but if there were any, the…


Schafer’s Blog 8: Here, Pretty Birdy!

Tuesday, June 5p.m. There is one attraction that is not listed in the guidebooks, but all the residents told us about it. A retired deputy sheriff likes to feed the eagles and foxes so every day at about 5:00p.m.. He spreads a bucket of scraps along the edge of a wooded area. Despite the weather…


Schafer’s Blog 7: Taking the Long Way

Tuesday, June 5 a.m. Surprisingly, one of the famous tourist attractions on Roche Harbor is a mausoleum. The McMillin family set up a tableau that represents their expected reunion after death. It’s a stone table surrounded by stone and concrete chairs. Each chair holds the ashes of one of the family members and ‘sets the…


Schafer’s Blog 6: Snug is Better Than Brave

Monday, June 4 p.m. Our biggest single use of fresh water was to wash off the anchor and chain each time we brought it aboard. The mud just had to come off or it would cake solid, and it was a good idea to rinse off the salt water before sending the chain into a…


Schafer’s Blog 5: Hurry is Not On the Program

Monday, June 4 a.m. The ladies found a laundromat and shower in the marina, and the one thing on Hele Mai that wasn’t really effective was the combined washer/dryer unit. So they decided to do some washing of clothes and bodies on Monday morning. It was a bit cool so we turned on the electric…


Schafer’s Blog 3: How Much Does This Boat Cost?!

Sunday, June 3 a.m. One of the questions to be resolved was just how much instruction Matt and I would need to be signed off to run the Hele Mai by ourselves. With no more boating resume than we had (all on a lot smaller boats), it would typically require at least three days of…