Chemainus Navigation Hazards Reported

Two items fresh off the tip sheet. 1) Chemainus: Now has their own WiFi at the dock. 2) Chemainus: off Hospital Rock, two buoys that are awash or underwater depending upon tide are attached to a sunken barge. Hazard to Navigation. Heard in every Wx report. More to come. Al & Becca Szymanski S.V. Halona…


Seattle to Princess Louisa – Bob’s Cruise Report

So my wife Marilynn and I set out on a sunny morning in the middle of May, happy to be on saltwater again, heading north. Our destination was Pender Harbour in British Columbia, the jumping-off point for the run to Princess Louisa Inlet. The leg to Pender Harbour would require a crossing of the Strait…


Stuck in Juneau – Mark’s Cruise Reports

We are stuck in Juneau due to rain and low weather that has threatened our safe forward progress. We will head to the airport in a few minutes to wait for a possible opening in the passes. If we are sitting for long I will post from there if I have a wi-fi signal. Yesterday’s…


Broughton’s Sunshine – Mark’s Cruise Reports

I left Echo Bay in brilliant sunshine. Pierre was working on the new building and gave a big wave as I headed out the harbor. Today in addition to two marina resorts, it was time to check out several anchorages. Laura Bay and Laura Cove were first on the list. Both beautiful, though I will…


Gweduck to Alaska – Mark’s Cruise Reports

I just received word that the Gweduck has launched and I am headed to Skagit Airport to rendezvous. The weather looks wonderful today. We had some early morning fog in Renton which delayed takeoff. Conditions here are Biz Pt were clear at sunrise and then a bank of fog rolled in and then out. It…


Gweduck Trip Begins – Mark’s Cruise Reports

We were planning for a 6:00am departure today. There is an occluded front stationary over the area and according to expert forecaster Lee Chesneau, many layers of clouds and overcast. It is clearing now at mid-day and we will be taking off this afternoon. The Gweduck is a unique new airplane. Experimental, but it has…


Important Sewage Regulations in Canada

Thank you to Alex Sutton for sending this important news link:

I came across the link below that talks about new pumpout regulations in Canada starting May 5. I don’t think I saw anything on your site about it. This may have impact on a lot of people.

Vessel Sewage Regulations

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App Technical Support

Waggoner Guide for the Apple iPad The Waggoner Cruising Guide is the essential guide for Pacific Northwest and Inside Passage boaters. The Waggoner Cruising Guide App covers the area from Olympia, WA, through the San Juan and Gulf Islands, and up the Inside Passage of British Columbia to Ketchikan, AK, including Haida Gwaii. The rugged…


End User License

License 1. Under this End User License Agreement (the “Agreement”), Waggoner Cruising Guide – Burrows Bay Associates LLC (the “Vendor”) grants to the user (the “Licensee”) a non-exclusive and non-transferable license (the “License”) to use 2012 or 2013 Waggoner Cruising Guide App (the “Software”). 2. “Software” includes the executable computer programs and any related printed,…


Port Harvey to Pierre’s – Mark’s Cruise Report

Tuesday’s departure from Port Harvey was in a misty, foggy rain. Up the Havannah Channel to the narrow Chatham Channel. This channel is so narrow there are range markers, basically signs with lines in the trees. Line up the top and bottom line so they are vertical and you are in the channel. While it…