Profile: Alert Bay’s Chief Bill Cranmer

Daniel Cranmer, of Alert Bay, hosted his final potlatch in 1921. During the potlatch, the Canadian government swept in, confiscating native artifacts and regalia and distributing them among museums and private, non-native individuals. Potlatches were outlawed and Cranmer was a criminal. Since then, Bill Cranmer, one of Daniel’s sons, has dedicated many years to righting…


Heading Home and Wrapping Up

July 24. We crossed the Strait of Georgia southbound yesterday. At the moment we’re snugged down in Sibell Bay at the mouth of Ladysmith Harbour in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, and we might spend a second night here. Or we might not. Several stops further south are appealing. We’re on our way home. Strait of…


Boat Beacon: An App for AIS remote viewing

We love tablets. Our tablets are in constant use on the boat. Chartplotting apps, equipment manuals, movies, music, and more are readily accessible on a tablet. Now, several apps are available that provide a view of ships transmitting AIS signal all over the world. One of the newest and most unique is Boat Beacon. Boat…


Restaurant of the Month: Dent Island Lodge

Much of our cruising is done in remote areas, with few grocery stores and fewer restaurants. When we arrive at a marina, we’re often ready for a good meal out, and Dent Island Lodge is one of our favorite splurges while cruising. The facilities are first class, the food is excellent, and the service is…


UPDATE: Changes at Campbell River Marinas

Each year we take a spring road trip through British Columbia, searching for changes at marinas. This year we found major changes underway at the Coast Marina in Campbell River. The marina has new owners. Many of the full time moorage customers have moved their boats out of the marina. We were told the dock…


Broadband Express/Beacon WiFi Update

A reader recently asked us, “What happened to Broadband Express? Are they still around?” Yes, BBX is still around, but under a new name. Beacon WiFi, a large WiFi provider on the East Coast, purchased BBX. The BBX website is no longer operating, but has information on locations and rates. Many of the marinas…


USCG Auxiliary Vessel Safety Inspections

Safety on the water is our top priority. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is similarly committed to this goal and they offer free vessel safety inspections to help boaters stay safe. If your vessel passes inspection, you’ll receive a decal that notifies law enforcement that your boat has already been inspected and complies with state…


National Marina Day-June 8th

On National Marina Day, marinas across the United States celebrate and promote their industry by inviting politicians, civic leaders and the public to their facilities. Participating marinas in Washington offer a variety of events during National Marina Day. Tours of law enforcement vessels, complimentary lunches, free overnight moorage, and informative seminars are just some of…


Waggoner Transient Moorage Price Survey

Planning a cruise? Wondering what a marina charges for transient moorage? If so, you’re in luck! Taking a cue from our popular Fine Edge Fuel Price Survey, we’ve created the Waggoner Marina Price Survey.

Washington State Transient Moorage Price Survey

2014 Washington State Transient Moorage Price Survey

British Columbia Transient Moorage Price Survey

2014 British Columbia Transient Moorage Price Survey

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Waggoner eNews Archives

Waggoner eNews Archives Your time on the water is important and the Waggoner Cruising Guide staff works hard every year to provide the most up-to-date cruising information we can. Throughout the year, things change. Events are added or changed and businesses come and go. Waggoner eNews provides a way for us to keep our readers…


Restaurant of the Month: Addie Mae’s

An Indulgence, or Just Good Down-Home Southern Cooking? Addie Mae’s Southern Kitchen in Port Townsend For many of us, a new restaurant can influence the choice of the next overnight cruising stop. Headed to Port Townsend? Try overnighting at the Point Hudson Marina. Take a two-block walk down Water Street to a red brick building…


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