Alaska Flotilla Day 18 – Prince Rupert to Ketchikan

When I went to bed last night, I was a little discouraged. The brief weather window Environment Canada had previously predicted had evaporated, replaced with a gale warning for the next several days. I thought we’d be stuck. The NOAA forecast didn’t agree. It said the weather would move in about 12 hours later, and…


Alaska Flotilla Day 17 – Lowe Inlet to Prince Rupert

  Some days on the boat are boring. The clouds are low, the wind is calm, nothing breaks down. Today was one of those days. Somehow, I didn’t even take any pictures. Today we headed back into the “city.” Prince Rupert, that is population 12,500. After five nights at anchor, everyone was ready to be…


Alaska Flotilla Day 16 – Coghlan Anchorage to Lowe Inlet

  Boating is a small world. Boating on the northern BC coast is an even smaller world. When I pulled into Shearwater, I knew the people on three of the five non-flotilla boats. We’d crossed paths before, traded stories, and shared drinks. Today, in Hartley Bay, I ran into C-Dory friends Gene and Margaret on…


Alaska Flotilla Day 15 – Windy Bay to Coghlan Anchorage

Yesterday’s mostly sunny weather gave way to low clouds and rain today. No less beautiful, just different.We had a long day: 60 nm, mostly in Princess Royal Channel. Waterfalls lined the channel, and with the misty weather, their source was often obscured. ~  Unfortunately, there’s no good anchorage for a group of boats in Princess…

Windy Bay

Alaska Flotilla Day 14 – Rescue Bay to Windy Bay

After the drama of the last few days, today was a refreshing change: near perfect weather, magnificent scenery, and the first whale sightings of the trip. Today’s route took us through Fiordland Recreation Area. As you’d expect from the name, it’s an area dominated by fjords. Waterfalls plunge off mountain peaks, sheer rock walls rise dramatically…


Alaska Flotilla Day 13 – Wigham Cove to Rescue Bay

Today was a short day—28 miles out Seaforth Channel, up Reid Passage, and into Rescue Bay. But it was exciting! Soon after we exited Wigham Cove, one of the boats behind us radioed to say they hit something. They couldn’t articulate where specifically they’d hit this thing, or what it was. A log? A rock?…

Wingham Cove

Alaska Flotilla Day 12 – Ocean Falls to Wigham Cove

The group dropped three crab traps yesterday afternoon. First thing this morning, we picked them up…the traps were stuffed! I think the final count was 26 keepers. Kevin spent much of the morning instructing people how to kill, cook, and clean crab. We left about 10 a.m. for the four-hour trip to Wigham Cove. The…


Featured Blog: Cruising Southeast Alaska – Alaska

Two weeks to the day and a few days quicker than planned to keep ahead of a weather front, we are sitting in Ketchikan, where our almost constant sunshine has degenerated into clouds, rain, and much cooler temperatures. No complaints, though. It’s looking like more sun after this front passes. And our crossing of Dixon…


Alaska Flotilla Day 11 – Shearwater to Ocean Falls

Ocean Falls is a highlight of the trip through B.C. Once the home of a Crown Zellerbach pulp mill and 3900 residents, it’s now a ghost town. Crown Zellerbach abandoned the site in 1972. The B.C. government continued operating the site until 1980. Since then, it has been decaying. Today, fewer than 40 people live…


Alaska Flotilla Day 10 – Shearwater

Today was a rest day at Shearwater Resort & Marina. Actually, “rest” isn’t really the right word. We didn’t go anywhere, but we did a lot of work! Two boats had problems that needed to be addressed. One had a non-functioning macerator pump and a full holding tank. There’s no working pumpout for several hundred miles,…

Fury Cove

Featured Blog: Cruising Southeast Alaska ‒ Fury Cove

If a boat’s wake were less permanent, more like tracks in sand, then I believe Seaducktress would have worn a deep groove in the Salish Sea and beyond, from our many passages up through the Canadian Gulf Islands, the upper reaches of the Straits of Georgia, into the Discovery Islands, the Broughton archipelago, the small…


Alaska Flotilla Day 9 – Fury Cove to Shearwater

Taliesin, Just Get’n By, and the Canadian Coast Guard “Taliesin, Taliesin, Taliesin, this is Just Get’n By.” “Just Get’n By, this is Taliesin.” “One of our crew just passed out for 15 seconds. They’re awake again, but out of it, pale, and they have a weak pulse.” Thus started our ninth day to Shearwater underway.…