The Swan Hotel

A Night Ashore: The Swan Hotel in Port Townsend, WA

The Swan Hotel is a prominent feature near Point Hudson Marina. It’s three stories high, painted forest green with white balconies, a widow’s walk, and an outside staircase. Staring at it against a blue sky dotted with clouds one can almost picture its former life as a Coast Guard facility, and the men who dedicated their…


Waggoner Cruising Guide Pre-Season Update

We have received early reports from many of our correspondents and owners for the resorts and marinas up and down the coast. Things change, owners change and the services change. We’ve gathered some pre-season updates to help you get on your way for summer cruising. Also, while you are out cruising, let us know what you…


Bunk Sox ― Stays on Your Boat Mattress

I love it when a product like Bunk Sox comes along that makes me say “why didn’t I think of that?” My boat has a v-berth, and I have never found a way to keep the sheets straight. Traditional fitted sheets don’t work and flat sheets tucked in become loose and wrinkled, and they usually…


Extended Provisioning for Cruising North of the Border

When cruising north of the border, we enjoy anchoring Easy Goin’ in one of the many secluded coves, miles from the nearest dock. To do that, Arlene and I have learned the art of extended provisioning so we can enjoy well planned and nourishing meals while exploring the Inside Passage. Keys to Extended Provisioning  Organization…

Extended Provisioning
Union Tavern

Union Tavern Local 902 – Anacortes’s Newest Bar

This winter, a new bar opened up in Anacortes ― Union Tavern Local 902. In their historic downtown location, they have 18 beers on tap, a tasty menu and an inviting classic atmosphere which includes a bar, plenty of tables (some are perfect for large groups), window seating, a couch area, TVs for sports fans…


Boating with Dad — The Gift of Time

Several years ago, my dad forwarded an email of a story about two friends. They had known each other for years, but never found enough time to get together, re-bond and enjoy one another’s company. One friend decided to change that and called his friend to say he’d be visiting and giving him the gift…

The Gift of Time

“Fragile Waters” at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art

Ansel Adams: © courtesy the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust Boaters are familiar with water in all its forms for their lives revolve around the changing tides, raging rapids, and stormy seas. They cruise through it, live on it, and in remote locations savor every freshwater drop. The exhibit “Fragile Waters” at the San Juan…


Alaska Flotilla Day 25 – Meyers Chuck to Wrangell

“This was my favorite day so far!” one of the participants explained during dinner. Sunny (hot, even) weather, beautiful mountain scenery, calm water, and a pleasant town and good meal out at the end of the day.The day started with Cassy delivering still-warm cinnamon rolls to the boats at Meyers Chuck. Delicious.Heading north from Ketchikan,…


Alaska Flotilla Day 24 – Ketchikan to Meyers Chuck

Underway again! Five days in Ketchikan felt like forever. It’s good to be moving again.Clarence Strait can be an ugly body of water, but it (mostly) cooperated today. The wind was blowing from the northwest at about 15 knots. Just enough to coat the boat in salt spray, but not enough to make the ride…


Alaska Flotilla Day 19 to 23 – Ketchikan, Alaska

After three weeks of traveling, I needed a few days to catch up. Laundry, grocery shopping, sending Kevin home and picking up Anna. Real life, basically. Ketchikan, Alaska weather seems remarkably consistent. Soon after I arrive and fill the fuel tanks, wind and rain move in. They dominate the following several days. This year was no…