Alaska Flotilla Day 34 – Ford’s Terror

  Another sunny day! When I talk with people about cruising in Southeast Alaska, the weather is always a big concern. This is a rainy place—Ketchikan gets more rain in its driest month than Seattle gets in its wettest month. So far, though, we’ve only had a couple of rainy days. Waggoner Cruising Guide Alaska…


Alaska Flotilla Day 33 – Tracy Arm Cove to Ford’s Terror

Ford’s Terror is my favorite anchorage on the coast. It’s magnificently beautiful, for starters. Think Yosemite, minus the people. Waterfalls surround you, with snowcapped peaks and snow-filled bowls all around. Bears forage ashore. It’s close to Dawes Glacier. And it’s difficult to get to. Waggoner Cruising Guide Alaska Flotilla Day 33 Follow Sam’s Flotilla Here

Ford's Terror

Alaska Flotilla Day 32 – Pybus Bay to Tracy Arm Cove

This morning was clear, warm even. Before leaving Cannery Cove, I took the drone up briefly to grab some pictures. For those of us who aren’t fishermen, I think the biggest reasons to come to Alaska are bears, whales, and glaciers. Today we got all three. Waggoner Cruising Guide Alaska Flotilla Day 32 Follow Sam’s Flotilla…


Alaska Flotilla Day 31 – Thomas Bay to Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove)

Pybus Bay
I’d originally planned on spending a night in Thomas Bay, the next in Portage Bay, and then Pybus Bay. Since we spent two nights in Thomas Bay, though, I opted to skip Portage Bay and head right for Pybus Bay.

Waggoner Cruising Guide Alaska Flotilla Day 31

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Pybus Bay
Cascade Creek hike

Alaska Flotilla Day 30 – Thomas Bay

Not much to report today. The morning dawned overcast, with clouds hanging close to the water. It wasn’t raining, though, so eight of us set out on the Cascade Creek hike. This is a great hike. The trail climbs to nearly 1400 feet over about two and a half miles, then drops down to Falls…


Alaska Flotilla Day 29 – Petersburg to Thomas Bay

Catching up on the blog from Juneau, after eight days without connectivity. Spoiler: these eight days were some of the best I can remember in SE Alaska. Superb weather, lots of bears and whales, more glaciers… Cruising in Southeast Alaska is best north of Petersburg. The scenery becomes more dramatic—think glaciers and big mountains—and the…

Thomas Bay
LaConte Glacier

Alaska Flotilla Day 28 – LeConte Glacier

Another perfect day on the water! Today we took a side trip from Petersburg to LeConte Glacier and then back to Petersburg. It was a long day, but so worth it! For starters, the weather was perfect. Sunny, warm, no wind. The views were magnificent. Although we couldn’t get all the way to the face…


Alaska Flotilla Day 27 – St. John Harbor to Petersburg

The trip from St. John Harbor to Petersburg is short but complex, requiring boats to transit Wrangell Narrows. Wrangell Narrows is about 22 miles long. It’s winding, shallow, and narrow most of its length. Currents run to several knots. Five ranges and about 60 buoys and markers indicate the correct route. Waggoner Cruising Guide Alaska…

St. John Harbor

Alaska Flotilla Day 26 – Wrangell to St. John Harbor

Short, easy day. We spent the morning in Wrangell, at Shakes Island. Shakes Island is the site of Chief Shakes Tribal House, a replica Tlingit longhouse. Most of the locals were at Celebration in Juneau, but Brittany was still in town. She explained the history of her tribe, the history of the house, and answered our…


Cheese, Wine and Spritz Night at San Juan Island Cheese

In Friday Harbor, the craftsman house at 155 Nichols Street used to be a residential home. Now, it’s San Juan Island Cheese, a cheese and wine shop and cafe. This converted house is both inviting and hip and the perfect place to enjoy your favorite cheeses―or new ones―paired with wines. Owners Richard and Sheri Daly.…

San Juan Island Cheese
Anacortes to Lund

Mark Bunzel’s Cruise Report – Anacortes to Lund

On June 28 it felt good to get underway. Compared to other summers my cruising plans were scheduled much later, and I did not lead a flotilla this year, which would have put me out on the water sooner. In mid-June, my daughter graduated (who was class president at Anacortes High School) and that brought…