Ship to Shore Marine Supply

Ship to Shore Marine Supply – New Store Open!!!

At the beginning of September, the NEW Ship to Shore Marine Supply Store at Arabella’s Landing opened. The new building is up the street from their old location and adjoins Arabella’s Landing. Ship to Shore Marine Supply now has two separate stores with the same great staff who are all boaters and experienced in water sports.…


Do You Know Your Diesel Engine?

How well do you know your Diesel engine? Do you know what the different arrows are pointing at on the diesel engines?? Have you ever air-locked your engine? Are you nervous about changing the fuel filter on your engine for the first time? Can you change your own oil and filters? Do you want to know how to test…

Suquamish, WA

5 Reasons to Tie Up at the Dock in Suquamish, WA

Are you in Seattle and looking for a boating day trip? Or maybe you’d like to stop on your way cruising to or from Bainbridge Island. Have you considered Suquamish, WA? Within walking distance of the Suquamish community dock, is a museum, a historic grave site, and a selection of great restaurants, which make it…


Salads and Specials at Sully’s Bistro & Bar

This summer, I found myself in Suquamish, Wa. twice. Each time I dined at Sully’s Bistro & Bar, which is within walking distance of the Suquamish community dock. What drew me in? First, was the outdoor patio, which has views of Agate Pass, Port Madison, and Elliot Bay. Second, was the friendly service and great specials.…


Bob Hales 2016 Cruise Report No. 5

Cruise Report No. 5 Retirement. Our 2016 trip has been our last cruise in our beloved Pacific Northwest waters. We’re retiring from boating (Mini-12 sailboat excepted), and putting Surprise for sale. Marilynn and I can feel the years taking a toll on our flexibility and balance, and we know there’s no going back. Neither of…


Don’t Miss These Two Eateries Near Port Townsend’s Boat Haven

A seven-minute walk from Port Townsend’s Boat Haven you’ll find the Blue Moose Cafe and Key City Fish Co. Tacos-To-Go. For boaters moored at the Boat Haven, both offer a great nearby option for breakfast and lunch. If you are at Point Hudson Marina, it’s a 40-minute walk or a 15-minute bus ride. Don’t Miss…

Blue Moose Cafe

Mark Bunzel’s 2016 Cruise Report No. 4

Cruising Report No. 4 Sidney to Lopez Island   Telegraph Harbour Marina – Correction – Pizzas are still coming out of their oven! In the last edition of my cruising report, it was incorrectly reported that they no longer have food service or pizzas. Please note that Telegraph Harbour Marina still has their well-appreciated pizzas…

Lopez isalnd

Cocktails, Popcorn and the Rose Theatre

For almost 25-years, the Rose Theatre has been making a night at the movies an exceptional experience. How does the former vaudeville theater make such an impression? Let me answer that, by asking you a few questions. What was the last movie you went to that was personally introduced? Were you able to order a…


Garrison Bay on San Juan Island ~ A Step Back In Time

  When Arlene and I lived south of Seattle, we made at least one visit to Garrison Bay each year. It would be our first stop in the San Juan Islands after crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca at the beginning our annual migration north to the San Juan and Gulf Islands and points…

Garrison Bay
The Gulf Islands

Mark Bunzel’s 2016 Cruise Report No. 3

Cruising Report No. 3 Campbell River to the Gulf Islands   Weather-wise it has been a spectacular summer for our main cruising areas. I am now working my way down through the Gulf Islands.   Leaving the Boat in Campbell River Mid last month, I left my boat in Campbell River Harbour Authority Fisherman’s Wharf…


Waggoner Cruising Guide 2017 Flotillas

We have had a lot of requests for dates and reservations for the Waggoner Cruising Guide 2017 Flotillas. The Inside Passage to Alaska Flotilla is about half full with early reservations for our May 20th departure. We have set our Desolation Sound Flotilla trip for a June 17th departure from Anacortes. Are you considering going with us…