A few months ago we announced that dredging on Swinomish Channel was complete. Indeed, it is, but we’ve since heard that a potentially dangerous shallow area near buoy 8 still exists. Arnold Hofmann explains:

This past weekend I delivered a 42 foot power boat to Canada for a friend and made the transit through the Swinomish Slough on Sunday morning. Prior to the trip I was told by several sources that the slough had been dredged to 13 feet at a zero tide. To be safe, I planned the trip based on my own “pre dredging” soundings so I would pass the high spots well before any danger of grounding.

At my previously documented high spot in mid channel in the vicinity of red nun buoy #8, on the south end of the slough, there is still a high spot which can cause grief. After adjusting the depth sounder readings by the transducer offset, using the water depth of the tide based on La Conner and doing the arithmetic, there is still a potential for grounding in that vicinity.”

Updated charts have been released for Swinomish Channel, but they do not show the shallow spot Hofman describes.

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