Several local boaters have reported significant damage recently after hitting a submerged tree at the south end of Swinomish Channel. The U.S. Coast Guard has confirmed the presence and location of the log:

Local Notice to Mariners, District 13, Week 13/14
The USCG has verified a submerged tree is in the Swinomish Channel South Entrance in the vicinity of the northeast side of Swinomish Channel South Entrance Lighted Buoy 2 (LLNR 18790). The tree was photographed at a +0.4 foot tide at approximately 48-21.6676N, 122-33.2537W. The USACE is working on removing the tree. If the tree can be removed from the channel, a BNM will be released informing mariners of the channel status. Mariners transit at the slowest safe speed, and use extreme caution.

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