The Sointula moorage now monitors VHF 66A. Office hours are 8:30-4:30, sometimes later.

The floating breakwater shown on the Waggoner map has been replaced by a rock riprap extension to the breakwater. Entry is easy.

Up at the village, a new bakery named the Upper Crust is really, really yummy. We brought back sticky buns for breakfast. For the first time, I was beaten by a sticky bun. It was more than I could finish, and I was motivated. Some sticky buns are so sweet as to be cloying. Not these. They’re hearty, flavorful and full of raisins. None better. Recommended. The bakery’s Finnish Pulla bread is supposed to be a treat, but we didn’t have room.

Also up in the village across from the Co-op market, Dan Hillert and his wife Debbie are running the Sointula Bistro, with burgers, wraps, and excellent pizza. The Bistro is licensed for beer and wine, and they deliver your pizza to the docks a mile away.

Dan works mornings as the meat cutter at the Co-op then crosses the street to open the Bistro.

The Co-op is well stocked, but closed Sundays.

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