I’m so glad you’re in business. It is nice to have someone answer questions.

Does British Columbia have the same shore power as the US? Do I use the adapter etc. as in the US?

Thanks, and I’m buying your 2007 guide.



Hi, Mark,

Good news. Canada and the U.S. have the same shore power standards. As in the U.S., however, different facilities may have different capacities. Most facilities have 30 amp power with 30 amp receptacles, but some have 15 amp with 20 amp receptacles. Here and there, you’ll find 15 amp with standard household 15 amp receptacles. More and more facilities are installing at least some 50 amp capacity. Facilities with local utility company power generally charge $5.00 or less per day. Facilities in the wilderness, who need to use their own diesel generators, will charge as much as $20-$25 per day.

If you have 30 amp power on your boat you’ll need adapters for 15 amp household power and 20 amp shore power.

Bob Hale

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