Yachting Monthly’s 200 Skipper’s Tips



by Tom Cunliffe

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Dip into any of the 200 tips in this handy book to make yourself a better yachtsman. They are the very best of the Skipper’s Tips from the pages of Yachting Monthly magazine.

For every yachtsman who’s dreamed of a mentor, in the form of a seasoned helmsman close at hand helping guide a vessel, this pocket reference just may be the closest thing.  With its refreshing approach to sailing and seamanship instruction, this handy guide gives yachtsmen of all experience levels essential tips on navigation, safety, weather, and boat handling as well as insights on life at sea.

  • Each tip is illustrated with a color photograph or diagram
  • Includes tips on ropes and knots
  • Other titles by Cunliffe: Celestial Navigation and Coastal and Offshore Navigation

Filled with advice that yachtsmen pass onto fellow yachtsmen, and fathers pass on to their sons, this compact collection of sailing wisdom will help boat lovers and yachtsmen of every stripe improve and enjoy their outings at sea.

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