Jib Trimming



by Felix Marks

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“… this is an excellent introduction to trimming, and no doubt contains some useful reminders for more experienced headsail trimmers too.” (Yachts & Yachting, October 2005)

“Dedicated jib trimmers on racing yachts will get the most from this paperback, but what works for them should be equally effective on a cruising yacht.” (Yachting Monthly, 2005)

“…jib trimming will be de–mystified for the beginner, and the more experienced sailor…” (Sailing, November 2007)

“This book is an asset to the world of sailing and will be of great help to new and experienced jib trimmers.” (Ian MacDiarmid, MacDiarmid sails)

Product Description
How to trim the foresail – jib or genoa – on a yacht or dinghy.

Jib trim is critical to a boat’s speed. This book de–mystifies the black art. It uses plain language and crystal–clear diagrams and photos to teach the concepts and show the sailor exactly what to do. There is no other book this specific – or this useful!

From the Publisher
The wonderful crystal-clear text and illustrations covers the theory and practice of jib trimming. The book also includes 25 diagrams and 32 photos with a print-and-laminate trim chart included.

A ‘must have’ book for jib trimmers everywhere.

From the Inside Flap
Jib trimming is often referred to as a black art. As you recoil in horror at the prospect of trying to achieve the unachievable, rest assured that with the information contained within this book, you will soon be trimming with confidence and ability. The guide is full of annotated photographs and diagrams that show you exactly what you’re trying to achieve. We have also explained the main ‘secrets’ that help others stand out from the crowd. Once this guide is in your head, you will be trimming like a pro. You’re part of a team! The jib trimmer is part of a team. Whether you’re sailing on a two man dinghy or part of a team of thirty on an ocean racing yacht, there are many other responsibilities on the boat. While you are preoccupied with the jib, the helmsman is concentrating on steering the boat, the main sail trimmer is focused on the main sail, and the tactician is deciding where to go and warning the team of changing conditions. Others on the boat will be hoisting and dropping sails, handling spinnaker poles, moving their weight around and doing whatever they can to help. A key to doing well as a jib trimmer is to understand how you relate to the other core members of the team. This book highlights when and how you can expect others to act.

From the Back Cover
“Jib trimming is often referred to as a black art…”

In a new and ground–breaking format this guide:

* Demystifies the art of jib trimming
* Avoids use of confusing nautical terminology
* Illustrates concepts with diagrams and photographs
* Includes everything you need to know

Photographs and diagrams are used to explain and illustrate every basic jib trim concept including:

* Lift and drag
* Sail shape: depth, groove, foot shape, twist
* Telltale reading
* Sailing using gears
* Tacking
* Footing
* Wind changes including shifts
* Sea state
* Offwind trim
* Setting up the jib and genoa track, spreader markings and jib halyard

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