Good Fish


by Becky Selengut

ISBN: 9781570616624

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It can be intimidating to shop for seafood. You wonder if it’s healthy for you, whether it’s over-fished or sustainably harvested or caught in ways that harm other species. Chef and seafood steward Becky Selengut “knows from good fish,” and in a voice that’s informed but down-to-earth, untangles the morass surrounding seafood today. How to store fresh seafood at home, the best choices in season, and what questions to ask the seafood seller. Features fifteen “good fish” accompanied by seventy-five recipes appealing to a wide range of home cooks from beginners to busy parents to accomplished chefs wanting to create special-occasion dishes. This has to be one of the most entreatingly written cookbooks in many years and can be read just for the pleasure and good humor the author brings to this fishy subject. Many color photos throughout.
Chef Becky Selengut is an outspoken advocate for seafood sustainability and seasonal, regional cuisine; she writes regularly for publication and is co-author of Washington Local and Seasonal Cookbook. She lives in Seattle with her wife and their two dogs.

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