First Aid Afloat


by Sandra Roberts

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The lifesaving guide to treating any accident or sudden illness at sea

When someone is injured or becomes ill while on a boat, help may be miles and days away. First Aid Afloat is the onboard guide to taking control of any medical emergency. Illustrated with photo sequences showing exactly what to do, and written in language that is short and simple, this book will allow anyone to act quickly, stabilize the casualty, and provide the appropriate treatment at sea.

  • Aimed at the novice first-aider and adopts a “no experience necessary” approach to first aid
  • Covers bleeding, burns, musculo-skeletal injuries, environmental injury, illness and medical emergency, and treating children
  • Instructions on moving a casualty, resuscitation, and getting help

With advice on what to look for when buying a first aid kit as well as how to be medically prepared when onboard, First Aid Afloat could save someone’s life. No boat should be without it.

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