Cooking Salmon & Steelhead: Exotic Recipes for Around the World


by Scott Haugen and Tiffany Haugen

ISBN: 9781571882912

Category: SKU: FRA2912

Never before have so many unique approaches to preparing salmon and steelhead been captured in one volume. With more than 130 recipes, this beautifully illustrated book offers many diverse options. Never again will you wonder how to cook fish.

Combining their backgrounds and worldly travels to nearly 30 foreign countries, the authors integrate many of their favorite tastes into this book. Their studies of spices and culturally rich cooking styles have allowed them to merge distinctly exotic flavors from around the globe.

The result is a collection of unparalleled tastes and easy-to-follow, original recipes. Whether you regularly dine on salmon and steelhead, or simply savor the cuisine on special occasions, this book is a valuable asset to any cook’s collection.

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