Hi Bob,

Jay Niederhauser & Westerly here.

Just returned from a three-week trip: Edmonds/Sucia Island/Vancouver/Indian Arm/Nanaimo/Chemainus/Princess Cove/Ganges/Glenthorne Passage/Sidney/Friday Harbor/Fisherman’s Bay/LaConner/Edmonds.

Attached is a picture of weather conditions experienced in Indian Arm.

Weather at Indian Arm

The reason for this email: U.S. Customs at Friday Harbor did not ask for, and did not want the Canadian trip permit number. The agent said it just wastes their time. All other customs stuff is well documented in the 2008 Waggoner.

Thanks for your help in making for an enjoyable trip, weather thoughts aside!

Best Regards,


We clear U.S. Customs by telephone, and we’ve always been asked for our Canadian clearance number. The Waggoner recommends that inbound vessels have that number available, whether it is asked for or not.

P.S. The photo looks like SNOW.

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