Hi Bob,

I just got NEXUS cards for my family. Here’s the story. Feel free to post it in your website.

Raul Biascoechea
M/V Moondance

NEXUS Membership—Easy and Convenient

After having I-68s and experiencing the convenience of calling in, rather than stopping at a port of entry, my wife and I decided to get NEXUS cards for our family before the start of this year’s cruising season.

The process turned out to be quick and painless:

1–We went to the US Customs Global Enrollment System (GOES) site www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/trusted_traveler/goes. Followed the instructions, filled the NEXUS applications, and paid with a credit card. The cost was $55 per card. Please note that each person must apply and pay separately.

2–A few days later we each logged into the GOES site and saw that we had conditional approval. This means that we were ready to schedule an interview with the US and Canada Customs people.

3–The system allows on-line appointment scheduling. When we tried this we found out that the dates available were too late for our purposes. Instead, I called and was able to get appointments for the three of us at the Boeing Field Customs office just a few days later. In WA the interviews can be done in Blaine, or Seattle (Boeing Field). BC has a number of other locations.

4–Even though our appointments were spaced out over the period of three hours we were advised to show up together and let the agent know we were a family. We were also advised to ensure that we brought all the necessary documentation with us: passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, Etc. We did this and walked out with NEXUS cards 45 minutes later.

All in all, getting the cards was extremely easy. We are looking forward to clearing at CANPASS docks in Canada, as well as clearing by calling-in when returning to the US. In addition we will be able to use the NEXUS lane when driving to and from Canada, something we do a few times a year.

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