Thank you to A. Schimmelbusch for the following update via

I am a loyal follower of the Waggoner guide and found you (Fine Edge Publications) since you aquired them. I do hope you will continue this great publication.

One thing I want to thank you for is the fuel survey you have been publishing. That is extremely helpful and much appreciated! I own a powerboat that eats a lot of gas, which is really an issue. So please keep putting that out!

One place I noticed you left off in Lake Washington is Seattle Boat at the Newport Yacht Basin marina in Bellevue, WA. I actually dock there, and they have a gas dock that gets a lot of use. However, it is expensive, just last week it was $5.27 / gal. Is there a reason you have been leaving that one off the list?

Editor’s Note: Seattle Boat is now on the Fuel Survey. Thank you!

Also, I noticed on the Waggoner site that you posted an update on missing park mooring bouys at Spencer Spit. Apparently, this has been a big problem this year with the state parks system (mooring bouys becoming “missing”). For more info on the issue, you should check on this post here:

Hope that helps! Thanks for your work on the Waggoner and the fuel survey.

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