Eric Eberhard sent the following message:

I want to strongly recommend that you visit Koleszar Marine & Power Equipment the next time you are in Powell River and include them in your next issue of the Waggoner Guide.

Our tender uses a Honda 20. The motor quit in Jervis Inlet about midway between Egmont and the Harmony Islands where we were anchored. After we got a tow from C-TOW to return to our 40 foot MY, we headed to Pender Harbour to get the motor repaired. Madiera Marine told us they thought the problem was was a broken timing belt, that it would take up to ten days to get it fixed with an estimated cost to repair of $800.

Knowing a bit about parts supplies along the coast and outboards, this all seemed far fetched. We paid Madiera $100 for their time and took the motor to Kolezar. They had the part in three days and had the motor fixed in 1.25 hours. Total charges came to $212.00. We were very happy. They were polite, courteous and efficient. As it turned out the timing belt did not need to be replaced. A fifteen minute break down of the engine showed that the problem was a broken timing belt cam gear.

I strongly recommend Kolezar for outboard repairs. They are not a full service marine chandlery, but they have the right stuff in all respects for dealing with outboard motors of all sizes.



Thank you for sending this report of your experience with this repair and Koleszar Marine & Power. Many customers have had a good experience with Madiera Marine. In their defense, and any repair shop’s defense, they may have given you a top range estimate and upon tearing down the engine may have come up with the same solution and a comparable charge.

Nonetheless, thanks for sending the review of Koleszar Marine & Power.

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