Some Poultry Now Allowed Into US

Earlier in the year we reported that poultry and eggs were not allowed from Canada into the US. In mid-June this restriction was eased. Now, poultry and eggs from any province other than Ontario are permitted into the US. To avoid hassles, be sure a country and province of origin is printed on the packaging of poultry or eggs you bring across the border.

Power, Water, Pump-out Added to Percival Landing

Waggoner correspondent Murray Birch confirms that Percival Landing now has 30 and 50-amp power, city water and pump-out facilities available.

Remodeled Restaurant and Store at Rosario Resort

The Cascade Bay Grill & Store has been remodeled inside and out. There is new inside seating, a remodeled kitchen area, a patio deck and a small smokehouse built for new menu items. Initial reports are very good.

Deer Harbor Party Barge Upgrade

This spring, a head was installed on the Party Barge, sure to be a big hit with partying boaters. It’s the only party barge we’ve seen in the Northwest with a head.

Ganges Restaurant and Liquor Store Changes

Hastings House is offering a new Bistro Menu featuring the chef’s multi-course small plate dinner in the early evening as an additional alternative to their full menu dinner service. The Bistro Menu items are reasonably priced for this iconic upscale restaurant and inn.

Just below Hastings House is Moby’s Pub, open for lunch, dinner and evening musical entertainment and dancing. Our Flotilla to Alaska group found the $9 Fish and Chips dinner special be an outstanding value. Many stayed for the evening entertainment, which was equally top-notch.

Due to restrictions on the amount of wine, beer and spirits US boaters can bring into Canada, Ganges is often a key stop for re-provisioning and filling the wine cellar and liquor cabinet. A favorite has been a store called “The Local” near the Centennial Park location of the Saturday and Wednesday outdoor market. They have been known for their extensive selection and free delivery to your boat. The business has been sold and is now located above the Thrifty’s grocery store, where Calvin’s Bistro formerly was. It is now very convenient to purchase liquor close to the marinas.

More Upgrades at Montague Harbour Marina

New owners Mike and Dan Byzyna continue improving the property. In place of the white marina buildings, now look for the newly renovated buildings in dark green with an attractive natural stained trim and fascia. The store looks great, with many new items. The book section has been expanded and there is a selection of fresh fruit, meats and vegetables. Look for the locally sourced smoked fish selection. The Sea Blush Cafe is still serving its excellent selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their fresh bakery is always is a treat. Amber, the marina manager, is still there with her bright and smiling demeanor. She did point out an error in the Waggoner Guide. We wrongly advise that the marina dock is an authorized Nexus/I-68 Customs reporting port of entry. The marine park dock is the authorized reporting points, not the marina dock.

Ladysmith Maritime Society Marina Expands

New dock space was added over the winter at this popular destination. The snack bar is open for breakfast and lunch with an interesting menu provided by a semi-retired cook who is a liveaboard in the marina.

New Shuttle Connects Cowichan Bay and Mill Bay

Beginning July 1, a shuttle service will connect Cowichan Bay and Mill Bay, with stops at several wineries, restaurants, and other attractions along the way. Riders pay a single fee and can hop on off at as many places as they’d like during the day. See for details.

Page Point Inn and Lodge Restaurant Summer Schedule

Boaters planning on enjoying a meal at the popular bistro should note that it’s open Wednesday through Sunday.

New Docks at Page’s Resort

Page’s Resort and Marina in Silva Bay installed new docks during the off-season, replacing an old linear dock with sixteen 40’ slips and 60’ of linear tie, all with 30-amp power. There are plans to replace another section of linear dock with slips this fall. The Hatfield family continues to offer excellent hospitality for their marina guests.

New Owners at the Silva Bay Pub

The Silva Bay Pub has new owners and the locals are impressed with the quality of its pub fare. You can still dine on their sunny deck or in the now tastefully refurbished restaurant.

Doc Morgan’s Re-Opens in Snug Cove

Waggoner correspondent Deane Hislop reports that Oydis and Deane Nickle, daughter and son-in-law of Union Steamship Marina owners Rondy and Dorothy Dike have relocated to Bowen Island to manage the marina, and are now operating Doc Morgan’s Restaurant as well. The Hislops enjoyed a wonderful dinner overlooking the marina and the service was excellent.

Backeddy Resort Upgrades

Backeddy Resort built two new cabins over the winter. These cabins are now available for rental. Repairs are underway on the main dock and the finger piers are being replaced. The resort is getting a fresh paint job. A new bakery chef was added to the kitchen staff – look for additional desserts and bakery items.

New Owners, Upgrades at Bathgate General Store, Resort and Marina

The friendly new owners have been working hard to improve the facility. The store and resort upland facilities have been updated and painted. The general store is much improved with produce, frozen meats, dairy products, dried and canned goods, fishing tackle and a few boating items. The marina does not offer guest moorage.

Egmont Public Wharf Has Power

A fairly new and wide 450’ float is available at Egmont with 20 and 30-amp power. One hundred and ten feet of space is reserved for short-term (48-hour maximum) moorage.

Pender Harbour Ownership Changes

Last year, the Garden Bay Hotel, Pub and Marina was sold. The old docks have been cleaned up and the pub’s food is still good. Dining out on the deck overlooking the harbor on a sunny day is a part of its allure.

Fisherman’s Resort and Marina was sold to a new owner from Vancouver and continues to operate as it has in the past.

Sunshine Coast Resort Marina also has new owners. Prior owner Ralph Linnmann, known for his service and hospitality, is still managing the property.

Two new restaurants are within walking distance of the Madeira Park dock. One is a sushi bar and Japanese restaurant called Mama’s Japanese Kitchen and the other is Emelle’s Madeira Kitchen. We haven’t tried them yet, but they’ve received high marks from locals.

New Dock at April Point

While the docks are showing their age, there is a new 285’ dock with inside and outside moorage. The new dock is outside A dock and is reserved for large vessels. It offers 50 and 100-amp power. Renovations are underway on A dock.

Blind Channel Resort Now Serves Breakfast

A buffet breakfast will be available this season with an array of selections. Knowing the quality of their restaurant for dinner, we are all looking forward to trying this on our next visit.

New Hot Tub at Pierre’s Echo Bay

Well, it all started out as a bit of joke, but the new wood-fired hot tub is now open every evening at Pierre’s. We encouraged Pierre to add a hot tub at the end of last season. It is a long story but the Waggoner Cruising Guide is a now a co-sponsor of the hot tub which overlooks the marina with a great view. We dedicated the hot tub with rum and ceremony on May 24. Pierre did not stop there. He is finishing a wood-fired sauna next to the hot tub. Next to that is a fire pit with seating for late-night socializing.

Billy Proctor has not been standing still. He turned 80 last fall. Over the winter he built a small schoolhouse next to his museum to show what school was like in Echo Bay in the old days.

Snack Stand, Party Tent at North Island Marina

Steve and Jessica Jackman have remodeled and reopened their coffee and snack stand on the dock for the North Island Marina. They have added solid walls to their happy hour tent for late afternoon socializing. Note that Pacific Coastal Airlines is no longer flying floatplanes to their dock. They continue to fly their commuter-style prop planes into the Port Hardy airport.

Bishop Bay Dock Ramp Missing, Mooring Buoys Suspect

The ramp linking the float to shore at Bishop Bay Hot Springs was missing when we visited in June. A small inflatable dinghy was left on the dock for shore access.

When we visited we tied to one of three mooring buoys in the bay, with two boats rafted alongside us. With about 10 knots of wind, we dragged the buoy towards shore. Use these mooring buoys with caution.

New Marina Construction Underway in Prince Rupert

For years the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club has had limited moorage for visiting boaters. Two years ago, the mayor of Prince Rupert announced the development of a new marina in front of Atlin Terminal. Progress is being made: the pilings are in, the docks are being built on land, and they are scheduled to be installed at the end of the summer. Hopefully, they’ll be ready for the 2016 summer season.

Ketchikan Customs Updates

US Customs in Ketchikan is now accepting NEXUS and I-68. If you and all of your passengers are part of the NEXUS or I-68 programs, call ahead with your BR number and you will most likely be cleared by phone. Call the Ketchikan CBP office directly at 907-225-2254.

Because of additional staff, Ketchikan US Customs is better able to accommodate clearance at fuel docks when entering Alaska. Call when in sight of the fuel dock to confirm availability.

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