We visited Gig Harbor for the first time in a year or two. Arabella’s is as delightful as ever. We did learn the only grocery store in town has closed down. Very unfortunate, we have used it as a grocery and resupply stop many times. Some of the other vendors have added basic products but do not expect to get fresh fruit, veggies, canned goods, meat products. I was told a Fred Meyer and Safeway is at the “top of the hill” but certainly not in easy walking distance.

Our stay at McMicken State Park was delightful – this is a great anchorage – last weekend, we had about a dozen boat on buoys or anchored out. One caution – the westernmost mooring buoy is dangerous close to shore, it was nearly awash at a -2.0 tide. On low tides, it is an obvious “NO, NO” and very deceiving at high tide.

When we were at Fair Harbor Marina. We were disappointed in the store. The write up in the Cruising Guide says…. “tackle & bait, groceries, gift shop, ….” Groceries are minimal, two items of canned goods, no veggies, meats, lots of beer, soda, liquid refreshments. Terrific gift shop. But, in my opinion, should not be called a grocery.

We came into the harbor with a following wind and current and had a venturesome port side to tie up at the end of the covered moorage dock. This is the first dock as you enter. I think the wind velocity is higher at the narrow entrance, it funnels in the opening. Perhaps your readers should be cautioned about wind and current.

Kindest Regards,
Tony Ford
Captain, USCG (Ret)
Master Upon Oceans
Any Gross Tons.

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