Hastings House is offering a new Bistro Menu featuring the chef’s multi-course small plate dinner in the early evening as an additional alternative to their full menu dinner service. The Bistro Menu items are reasonably priced for this iconic upscale restaurant and inn.

Just below Hastings House is Moby’s Pub, open for lunch, dinner and evening musical entertainment and dancing. Our Flotilla to Alaska group found the $9 Fish and Chips dinner special be an outstanding value. Many stayed for the evening entertainment, which was equally top-notch.

Due to restrictions on the amount of wine, beer and spirits US boaters can bring into Canada, Ganges is often a key stop for re-provisioning and filling the wine cellar and liquor cabinet. A favorite has been a store called “The Local” near the Centennial Park location of the Saturday and Wednesday outdoor market. They have been known for their extensive selection and free delivery to your boat. The business has been sold and is now located above the Thrifty’s grocery store, where Calvin’s Bistro formerly was. It is now very convenient to purchase liquor close to the marinas.

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