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The customs restrictions on food when crossing into Canada and back to the US seem to have changed from time to time lately, and it’s a crap shoot deciding what we can bring across. Do you know an authoritative web site where we can see what the current rules are? I don’t have so much trouble with alcohol rules, but food rules seem kinda nuts.

Richard Cook
New Moon (Bounty 257)


Hi, Richard,

Unfortunately, the list of food restrictions into the U.S. is a moving target, depending on whatever disease or unwanted critter they want to keep out.

The closest web site information we know of is the Customs & Border Protection site www.cbp.gov. Click on Travel, then enter “food restrictions” in the search box. Then have fun nailing anything down.

You might have more luck calling one of the pleasure craft reporting offices, such as Friday Harbor or Anacortes, and asking what they are concerned about these days.

—Bob Hale

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