If you are a fiberglass boat owner, you know that the cost of maintenance and keeping your vessel looking good is not getting any cheaper. Many boat owners would consider doing some of it themselves as it can be very rewarding and less expensive.

In the seminar, Taking Care of the Fiberglass Boat you will:

  • Learn from experts Mike Schweitzer and Jeff Paxton the tricks of the trade to maintain your boat
  • Learn how to remove tough stains
  • Learn how to repair fiberglass
  • Learn how to bring back your Gelcoat to a high luster

Taking Care of the Fiberglass Boat Seminar

A typical neglected 37’ could run you $2000-$3000 to get detailed and brought back to good condition. Annually, the average boat owner will spend about $100 per foot, per year, to wash and wax it monthly to maintain the shine. That would be a powerboat, moored outside, not covered.

But, if you have the time, there is a lot an owner can do.

When using and enjoying your vessel in less than ideal conditions, like bumping into the dock, scraping into some concrete, or banging into the end of a pier or piling when the wind or current gets us. (Yes, unfortunately, that happens.) Most boat owners want to fix these bangs and scrapes to keep our vessels looking good and holding their value.

How do you fix these minor blemishes? It takes a little knowledge of chemistry and fiberglass, specifically Gelcoat, to understand the repair process.

And, what about the faded hull problem? Do you ever get dark rain stains running down your hull? These are all problems many boat owners face. Should you wait until spring to address them? We don’t think so.


Taking Care of the Fiberglass Boat Seminar

Cruisers College has put together a great course that will answer these questions and show you how to get busy with maintenance and repair on your fiberglass boat. Resident experts, Michael Swietzer, a technical instructor with Skagit Valley College, who specializes in composites, and Jeff Paxton, from Marine Detail Specialist, who runs a business that specializes in taking care of the exterior of your vessel, will teach you what you need to know. These instructors will give you the knowledge and skillset that professionals use to take care of your fiberglass boat.

Taking Care of the Fiberglass Boat Seminar

Cost:   $95

Time: TBA

Date: TBA (Spring)

Where: NW Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology

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The seminar held at the NW Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology will give you traditional knowledge paired with lab setting demonstrations to provide you with composite theory and general construction techniques used on modern composites vessels. When fixing or doing repairs, it’s important to understand what possible underlying causes might be present, and what materials should be used for a repair. During the morning session, you will focus on the chemistry and materials used in

During the morning session, you will focus on the chemistry and materials used in boatbuilding. In small groups, we will demonstrate several small lab projects that involve composite materials/resins/gelcoats. These fundamental concepts will help you understand why composite materials fail, and most importantly how to fix them. One such skill is gelcoat color matching and repairing a dock scratch in a composite panel.

The second part of the day will be learning how to properly clean and maintain your vessel using a variety of skills, tools, and products. We will finish the day by demonstrating/practicing techniques learned about cleaning, including buffing and waxing the repair we made earlier in the day.

Taking Care of the Fiberglass Boat Seminar

Instructors: Mike Schweitzer and Jeff Paxton

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Price: $95 per person

Location: NW Center for Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology (Anacortes)

Class limited to 25 people

  • Price: $95.00 Quantity:

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