When we announced the Waggoner Cruise to Alaska a month ago we had modest hopes. We expected to lead one trip of about seven boats from Anacortes to Ketchikan.

Since then, we’ve had more than 50 boats express interest, ranging in size from 22- to 120-feet.

In order to manage this incredible demand, we are planning on leading three trips. Mark Bunzel will lead the first trip, departing Anacortes May 18th and arriving in Ketchikan June 8th. Sam Landsman and Kevin Monahan will lead the second trip, departing Anacortes June 1st and arriving in Ketchikan June 22nd. Mike Beemer and Lynette Brower will lead the final trip, departing Anacortes June 14th and arriving in Ketchikan for the 4th of July.

If you’re interested in participating in a trip but haven’t yet signed up, don’t wait. Click here to sign up for more information.

Alaska glacier
brown bears
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