Kiosk at Bedwell Harbour

September 19, 2011

In the past when we have been on buoy, a park ranger or eqivalent has come around in the early evening to collect the $10 fee. That didn’t happen yesterday. Your guide says “pay at the kiosk on shore.” Where is that located? We couldn’t find it. Perhaps you could provide its location in the 2012 edition.

Roger Carlstrom
Captain, M/V Cimarron
[Original post: Sept. 13, 2011]


Thank you for sending this. It’s really helpful to get these things squared away. I contacted Parks Canada and received this prompt reply:


The self-registration vault for the buoys at Beaumont is located at the top of the stairs on land (not on the beach). You can certainly add that note in the guide if it helps boaters.

Francine Burnett
Promotions Officer
Parks Canada


The pertinent question, of course, is where are the stairs located? There are no signs that we could see anywhere indicating where stairs might be. Also, wherever those stairs might be, must a mariner be prepared to wade ashore from his dinghy to reach the stairs? Whatever the answer to that one, the fundamental question is, where exactly are the stairs?



We contacted Ms. Hebert this am and were told that there is a float, with mariner access only during summer months, and that the stairs can be found directly behind that if you have Skull Islet on your left. She said they do blend in, but to align back from the float to determine the location.

She said there are approx. 100 stairs. She also said there are trails, which are a little more round about way to reach the kiosk, and another kiosk on the opposite side of the park, which you would find by going around Skull Islet, which she said is closer to the shore.

Hope that helps,

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