A Notice to Mariners item about complete NOAA chart update information caught my eye, so I went to the web site to see for myself. Sure enough, every update (permanent updates, not temporary updates) for every U.S. chart is listed. You have to go through several screens to get the information, but it’s all there.

The web site is chartmaker.ncd.noaa.gov. When you get there, click on the “Updates” icon.

Many of the updates will be of little practical use to most pleasure boaters, but lurking in the list are important changes, such as buoys or beacons that have been moved or renumbered, newly reported shoals, or the removal of prominent landmarks ashore.

I found the section on historical charts interesting as well. I entered “Vancouver” as a key word, and found a list of Capt. Vancouver’s charts of the Northwest Coast. The charts displayed rather small on my screen, but they were intriguing all the same.

—Robert Hale

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