High seas at Cape Caution

We do NOT recommend rounding Cape Caution in these conditions, regardless of Pat Freeny’s modest-sounding report. The seas at Cape Caution had to be much higher than the picture suggests. The rainbow in Blunden Harbour is fabulous.

Just another update on the West Sea Otter Buoy.

We left Kwakume Inlet at 0740 and came around Cape Caution heading south on Sept 27 this summer. West Sea Otter reported 2.6m.

Sunrise at Blunden

We had a 25-knot SSE wind with gales in the forecast.

I guess seas were about 12 feet off Cape Caution, but Nirvana handled it quite well with a full main up. We sailed into Blunden Harbour at 1755. Quiet night at anchor (no wind in Blunden).

We awoke to a brilliant red sunrise to the east and a full rainbow to the west!

Pat Freeny

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