Johnstone Strait & The Broughtons

The Broughtons

  • Village Island (July 9, 2017)

Native watchmen are present on Village Island during the peak summer season at various times to greet boaters visiting the ruins of this First Nations village. If watchmen are not present, the Mamalilikulla First Nation asks that you call their office in Campbell River at (250)287-2955 for permission to come ashore, and mail your $20 per person fee/donation to their office at 1441-B 16th Ave, Campbell River, BC V9W 2E4; fees go towards developing the ‘guardian watchmen’ program, a worthwhile project. Currently, there are no guided tours of the Island or sponsored feasts.

Upgrades at Lagoon Cove Marina.

  • Lagoon Cove, B.C. (June 29, 2017)

New owners Jim and Lou Ryan have kept all of the things we love about Lagoon Cove while enhancing the existing facilities and adding new activities. As Jim puts it, “we want to enhance but not change the character of Lagoon Cove.” That’s good news for boaters who have a long-standing love affair with the charm and feel of this family-run marina. Lagoon Cove has been busy this season and has started the practice of accepting reservations. Contact them at, 250-277-9639 or on their website to reserve moorage. Free WiFi is now available on the docks as well as at the shop/event area, thanks to son-in-law Dan and their daughter Kelley who have helped improve services at Lagoon Cove.  Prawns remain a featured item at the nightly 5 p.m. potluck happy hour. In addition to the popular ‘exercise stations,’ other games have been added, including ping-pong and bocce ball. Propane is temporarily not available at Lagoon Cove.

CAUTION: When entering Lagoon Cove from Blow Hole, give the Islet and shoal across the channel from Perley Island a wide berth as the shoal extends further west than chart 3564 indicates. Look for a private orange and/or green round plastic float which should pass to your port side as you enter Lagoon Cove from Blow Hole.

  • Jennis Bay Marina (June 6, 2017)

The new telephone number for Jennis Bay Marina is 778-762-3037. As an alternate, try calling 250-954-8112. Email contact remains General Manager, Peter Turnbull and year-round caretaker, Warren Oliver will be welcoming marina guests this season since Allyson has departed for other endeavors. There is a surprising amount of activity at secluded, rustic Jennis Bay Marina with work boats and pleasure craft coming and going. When arriving at Jennis Bay Marina, leave the log boom breakwater and yellow buoys to starboard. Use caution approaching the marina. About 500 feet southeast of the marina’s log boom and yellow buoys, is a logging camp mooring float and a ‘standing boom’ extending 400 feet from the northeast shore. Neither of these two obstructions is charted or lit.

  • Sullivan Bay Marina (June 6, 2017)

As we arrived at Sullivan Bay, staff had just finished pressure washing the moorage floats, getting ready for the 2017 season. A familiar smell of fresh cedar filled the air as they worked on the installation of new decking planks for the floats in front of the store.  According to Debbie, they are ready for another busy season and will be offering buffet style dinners in the restaurant on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Boaters may wish to participate in the special offer this season for a third night’s free moorage after 2-paid nights of moorage. Visiting dogs will appreciate the new ‘doggy poop deck’ located behind the fuel dock. Wifi will be available, just a reminder that Wifi at remote locations such as Sullivan Bay has limited bandwidth, and boaters are asked to restrict their internet access to email (without large attachments).

  • Shawl Bay Marina (June 6, 2017)

Renovations are underway at Shawl Bay Marina, and the marina remains closed at this time. New owners plan to have renovations completed later this 2017 season with limited transient moorage possibly available later in the season. Check back at for the latest on Shawl Bay Marina.

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