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TrawlerFest in Anacortes on May 17-21, 2016

PassageMaker’s TrawlerFest returns to Anacortes, WA, May 17-21 with a boat show that offers seminars, exhibits, social events, and over 60 boats in the water. The show, May 17-21 at Cap Sante Marina, is aimed at recreational boaters who cruise or want to cruise for long periods or live aboard their vessels. For many people…


5th Street Bistro ― Early Evening Trio for $25

For tequila drinkers, I suggest the Mariposa. We enjoy eating out and often search for prix fixe dining options, as it means more money in our pockets for boating. At 5th Street Bistro, in the Majestic Inn & Spa in Anacortes, they have an early evening trio, which is a 3-course meal for $25, served during the…


Zip Through the Trees With Zip San Juan

In the Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of cruising thrills to be had with open water crossings, navigating rapids and whale sightings. There is also another kind of thrill, one that zips through the trees and flies over land, an adventure that can only be experienced at Zip San Juan. Last fall, I found myself with…