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Cruising Updates

Cruising Updates for 2017

Our team is out on the water and reporting as they go. Check here for the most recent updates. On-The-Water Cruising Updates for 2017 (This list will be ongoing and added as reports come in. The most recent update will be at the top.) Rosario Resort – Signage at New Docks (4/27/17) As reported in Rosario…


The Little Alaskan Halibut Cookbook

Waggoner Store Mid-May Sale

For the Waggoner Store Mid-May Sale, we are offering a 15% OFF combo for the NEW The Little Alaskan Halibut Cookbook and The Little Alaskan Salmon Cookbook.    Discount only available in the Waggoner Store. Promo code: little (Offer ends May 31, 2017) Waggoner Store Mid-May Sale In the NEW The Little Alaskan Halibut Cookbook, husband…


Preparing Your Boat

Preparing Your Boat: Are You Ready to Go?

For several weeks now, the migration of cruising yachts headed north has been underway. Here at the Waggoner Cruising Guide Managing Editors Lorena and Leonard Landon left during the middle of last week with an intentional slow start through the San Juan Islands where they continue to test systems on the boat like their new…


Belts for a Boat

Belts and Suspenders – Don’t Neglect Your Engine’s Life Support System

The belts that provide life support to your engine’s accessories, the alternator, auxiliary alternator, raw water pump, and circulator pump will typically provide reliable, trouble-free service, provided they are properly maintained and replaced on a regular schedule. Many boaters neglect this all too important system.  A broken belt is always bad news because when it…



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