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Selecting a Diesel Heating System: Part 3

There are so many anchorages to explore that it would take more than a lifetime to visit them all. But with cooler weather affecting us much of the year it only makes sense to have an adequate heating system aboard to extend the cruising season. Now that we have discussed the basics and the types…


What’s New in the 2018 Waggoner Cruising Guide?

We think you will like the new look of the 2018 Waggoner Cruising Guide this year and have incorporated many user-friendly features and additional information. What’s New in the 2018 Waggoner Cruising Guide? Colored Tabs Colored tabs for each chapter are found along the outside edge of the pages, a different color identifies each section…


The Making of the Waggoner Cruising Guide

Returning from Steveston B.C., we cruised through the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound, completing our research for the cruising season.  Sorry to see the season end, we eased Got d’ Fever into her covered slip at Anchor Cove for the fall and winter months. Combining pleasure with business can be intense while boating, but the real work…


$27.50 U.S. Customs Decal – Order before January 1st

Order your 2018 U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) decal before January 1, 2018. Homeland Security has announced a price increase effective January 1.  The new price has not been established, the last increase in 2007 was 10%. Decal stickers are placed on all private vessels (30 feet or more in length) as proof of…

Cutaway of a forced air heater by Espar.

Selecting a Diesel Heating System: Part 2

Like everything else on a boat, heating presents some challenges that can be difficult and expensive to overcome; available space for equipment and ducting, access to outside air, multiple cabins to heat. The old cliché that there’s more than one way to skin a cat is spot on when it comes to marine diesel heaters.…


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