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Your Windlass Needs Care Too

Most windlasses will appreciate an occasional cleaning and lube. This doesn’t require major surgery but is basic field-stripping that anyone can do. Use the type of grease recommended in the owner’s manual (if you’ve misplaced it chances are you can download one from the manufacturer’s website), and be careful to keep friction clutches and brakes…


Does Meguiar’s Canvas Cleaner Really Work?

I love it when I find a product that actually works.  Last weekend I tried Meguiar’s M5826 Marine All Purpose Cleaner to spruce up the white zippers on my canvas. There was a small leak in the winter cover and the water ran along the zipper turning it a lovely shade of slime green. I sprayed on…

TrawlerFest Bremerton Marina

TrawlerFest in Bremerton, Washington from May 1 – 5

TrawlerFest Bremerton May 1 to May 5 In-water Boat Show, May 3 to May 5 Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. At Bremerton Marina TrawlerFest is a celebration of the cruising lifestyle with a focus on trawler yachts. These vessels trace their origins and often their look to the fishing craft of the mid-20th…

summer passage

Planning Your Summer Passage

It is that time of the year. Time to start planning for this summer’s passage or passages. Planning a passage is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You start with the knowns, the clues, and what you want to do and what is practical to do. You begin to document your information as you gather…

Relaxing view at Broughton Lagoon Nook

Gunkholing the Broughtons: Five Favorite Anchorages

The Broughtons are a beautiful cruising ground located at the north end of Johnstone Strait. Rich in history, with an abundance of protected anchorages within a maze of islands, islets, passages and tidal rapids which has much to offer the adventurous cruiser. Over the years of our exploring the Broughtons, we have established a list…


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