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Taking Care of the Fiberglass Boat Seminar – Dec. 10

When deciding to build a boat, an old timer I knew quizzed many boat owners with multiple building mediums – wood, metal, and fiberglass. The wood boat fella couldn’t stop because he had to sand, paint, and varnish. He was too busy trying to protect his boat before the rainy season. The metal boat guy said…


2017 Ports and Passes

2017 Ports and Passes & Current Atlas Tables Pre-Orders

      ~  ~ 2017 Ports and Passes & Current Atlas Tables Pre-Orders The 2017 Ports and Passes Tide & Currents and the 2017 Current Atlas Tables are available for pre-order. 2017 Ports and Passes Tide & Currents is one of the only guides that uses official government data and is corrected for Daylight Saving Time. It gives you critical…


Holidays San Juan Island Style

In the San Juan Islands, holiday celebrations are a blend of small town sensibility harkening back to a simpler time with the creative energy of communities rich with tradition and talent. It’s an ideal time to leave the malls and crowds behind and jump on the boat and experience the holidays San Juan Island style. From…